I suppose one is placed on a list for merely watching this movie, let alone  reviewing it with virtuous aims. This will be my second viewing – I will leave it for you to decide upon whether I reached its conclusion.

Directed by: Michael Goi.

From the very introduction of the movie, you garner an awareness that it is not just villainy that makes one susceptible to heinous crimes, but also paternal ones – alongside a teenaged desire to  conform to societal norms.

Produced by: Mark Gragnani.

Victim blaming is certainly inappropriate, but one has to consider those who have not yet been subjected to abuse and the preventative measures both parents and their kin can undertake to prevent things including grooming, abduction, rape, and murder.

Written by: Michael Goi.

The two main characters in Megan Is  Missing are polar opposites of one another in terms of their personalities, and this allows the film to address and forewarn a whole spectrum of young adults about the covert malice that so often goes unaccounted for in society.

It could also be regarded as the best social media/found footage based horrors in existence, with the former being of most importance, considering the fact that social media is widely regarded as the solution to existentialism these days.

The juxtaposition of wealth between high-school girls (reliant upon their parents’ capital) and older males – and how this separation of wealth enables sexual/emotional abuse, is something made abundantly clear.

It also covers the dominion of local drug dealers in small demographics; analyzing just how far-reaching their potentiality for grooming goes; beyond that of capitalization from their distribution subordinates.

Looking at this film from the perspective of a reclusive burnt out hedonist, Megan is Missing  portrays the aesthetic motives that most often fuel one’s initiation into drug/party culture.

The negative consensus regarding the more sheltered character (Amy)  amongst girls her own age (not older men) enables so many more infractions to occur – illustrating the negative impact of both community indoctrination and exile equally.

The most often eternal nature of online content binds both Amy and Megan to their respective situations, pragmatically juxtaposed to one another through shame, blackmail and addiction.

Early exposure to sexual abuse being regarded as something nostalgic instead of abusive by Megan is a reflection of our reality that often goes unaccounted for by parents and victims alike. It’s like a warped sense of Stockholm Syndrome that  carries on throughout what you briefly witness during Megan and Amy’s lives.

Most predators involved in this movie (there really is not just one) speak with a contrived arrogance that is apparent during most interactions between individuals pursuant of sexual relations; however, not everyone can be this cynical. Many males lack self-awareness and endorse a warped locus of morality;  regarding social engineering as an essential tactic in such circumstances.

The socioeconomic and parental failures Megan was faced with prior to her interactions with the nechrophilliac further enabled his superficial facade. With the vast majority of her acquaintances endorsing a lifestyle of reckless hedonism; Josh’s contrived righteousness became something all the more effective; preying upon someone already exploited.

There’s no doubt he subtly conducted reconnaissance amongst her social circle; eventually determining her as being the most viable initial target, too. Inadvertent word of mouth originating from those who had already abused her may have also been a contributory factor.

Given Josh’s location and dedication, he was effectively just practicing his traits as a social engineer;  picking his targets with darkly empathic scrutiny. The correlational way both Ben and Josh initially empowered Megan (albeit not equally sophisticated) exhibits the morally bankrupt nature of their manipulative mantra; emotionlessly evaluating the emotional (and later physical) vulnerability of their target(s).

Josh avoiding Megan during their first ‘date’ allowed him to evaluate her vulnerabilities and the likelihood she’d approach a more remote destination; to later accommodate to a seamless abduction.

Considering the fact that Megan never had to chase after guys, Josh’s proffered ‘shyness’ deflected his every despicable prerogative; presenting himself to Megan as everything contrary to his macabre manifesto.

Adolescents prioritizing social status beyond all else in their disregard for Amy’s immediate concern hindered investigation following Megan’s abduction, and goes to show exactly why she held Amy in such high regard – and how Josh was so easily able to alternate his MO and victim without police intervention or the implementation of precautionary measures.

The way in which the media, parents, associates and institutions prioritize themselves before potential victims in portraying those missing in an entirely positive manner is a hindrance to localized police forces in distinguishing the nature of such crimes.

People’s inherent concern for their own reputability in the face of public scrutiny truly negates the likelihood of victims being rescued.

Unfortunately, scapegoating is inherently embedded in the human psyche and as a result, the focus is most often on the villain, rather than the victim(s).

Journalistic pressures within every location, be it through intimidation, political regulation, public scrutiny (not only in regard for themselves, but for the societies they live in) is a major issue that unfortunately contributes to the supposed necessity of vigilante justice – although the same could be said about the prerogatives of journalists themselves.

Overall, this movie exposes the nature of modernized sexual predators of differing levels of depravity, effectively demonstrating how enactments absent of abduction or murder most often go unnoticed. This sort of institutional sociological failure is one that makes potential victims all the more vulnerable to the occurrences presented in the latter half of the film.

Features like this one are often demonized for being depraved profiteering ventures created for mere shock value; whilst their educational and preventative qualities most often go unnoticed.