My external hard-drive recently broke, and it’s essentially being imposed that I cauterize my eyes and soul in Boy Meets Girl using my Manjaro notebook. Determined to return to it; I’m as persistent as a Tails conduit flushed down the toilet.

Directed by: Leos Carax.

This film is about romanticism at its core, and the two leads originate from nonreciprocal relationships – making the nature of their first meeting either that of love at first sight or amending emotional wounds. Alex and Murielle are beings whose existences are bound to the pursuit of poetical love, though, so I’m more inclined to go with the former conclusion.

Written by: Leos Carax.

Acknowledging the actions and behaviors of their partners previously behest to them; they were both bound to narcissistic egotists focused upon eroticism from their relationship’s very genesis.

Fate plays a great role in this, with Alex having experienced a breakup as emotionally distressful as that of what he observes between Tom and Murielle during the opening of the film = and from what you can see of Alex throughout Carax’s filmography, the destructive nature of eternal longing is something the director imposes on his recurring male lead aesthetically.

The environment and lifestyles of the star-crossed lovers leads them into both being codependent beings whom suffer should they not be in a relationship and to some extent it’s clear that they’d rather be stepped on than left alone – as if they’ve already surmised that true love is futile; but temperately pursue it anyway.

The population’s habituation toward disparaging suicidal ideation is put forward in a one-sided telephone conversation very hastily; as if the person in question is simply divulging fallacies in their intonations like a comedian.

Human suffering (by means of poverty) is positioned opposing to sexuality in two connecting scenes – as Alex goes about altering his mise-en-scène completely, coherently demonstrating differing extremes of what guides a human being’s psychology.

The severance of ‘loving’ attachment and how it paints a gray cloud over everything, no matter how interesting the surrounding crowd behave, is leading me to conclude this post and film early; so as not to displease destiny.

I can’t handle the entirety of this movie repeatedly, unfortunately. That does not mean to say you should disregard it entirely.