Good evening or whatever time it is for you lot. I’ve really begun to reflect upon just how much I hate technology recently – and the internet, and that’s coming from an individual who’s spent a fair portion of his life focused upon distraction or most recently; the ostentatious happiness of newlywed parents boasting their claims to materialism and newborn children (which seemingly may as well be the same thing) and have decided upon downgrading most things.

Directed by: Joe Begos

Without a functional PC at this very moment, I’m writing this booting from USB on a clapped-out 2010 MacBook, which is the way in which I prefer to create whatever you would refer to these crude compositions as these days. After waking up with a plate of food still perfectly balanced in my hands five hours later most recently, I’m wondering if I should feel lucky. Maybe I should quote Paid in Full, huh?

Starring (or staring) Dora Madison

Today I’ll be looking at Bliss (2019) again, drinking some camomile tea as opposed to the energy drinks I determined as being necessary for my survival in recent times. I’ve trawled through fucking loads of terrible horror movies in my time and maybe this stupid blog can be why – so you don’t have to, that is, if I maintain any semblance of resilience for a prolonged duration (unlikely). I remember my first thought about this film was that it was most definitely inspired by Gaspar Noe, but I digress (too much).

‘Bliss’ reeks of the frustration occurrent within contractually obligated artistry having to be pumped out and swiftly descends into hedonism – with the fictional designer drug ‘Diablo’ being described as a combination of DMT and coke, which I would assume to be on par with combining a cathinone and ketamine, the former would just make my burnt-out ass fall asleep.

These little transitions where the heroine rises from the ground really are great; I don’t know how best to describe them.

I might be giving the film almost too much credit here but the way in which drug abuse can be viewed as self-harm and the bleeding out that occurs through artistry as a result is something empathize with all too much as I rise from the dead for a duration that will most likely be my final time – not on this blog, of course, there’s way too much shit to rant and rave about.

What this sexy vampiric goth flick lacks in sophistication at times is made up for by the cinematography and coloration, which is jarring but doesn’t render you feeling jaded,(compared to the likes of Irreversible) and what I thought at first was overcompensation (in attempting to replicate reality) in the dialogue is made up for by the more malevolent characters featured, who speak with a  contrived articulacy that annoyed even me – maybe that is the point.

I’ll avoid blathering about adrenochrome just in case the elite want me to unsurprisingly not wake up one morning, but there’s a lot of subliminal messaging within this film, relative to artistry, the value of true friendship, and the ignorance of acquaintances into how soul-destroying imbuing one’s heart into their work is, alongside fair-weather friends and the pretentious socialites that are never there in someone’s time of need.

This is more than a gore-filled chic vampire trope and looking at it once more through my weary eyes I’m surprised I didn’t pick up on it during my first viewing and if you decide upon looking at Bliss, maybe I’ll have helped you along the way.

There are a lot of metaphorical enactments of masonic ritualism involved in this movie and if you think into it, the fourth wall is broken down on many levels; involving class, the power struggle of femininity, and the self-sacrificial nature of artistry at its purest form – the sexualization of women in movies like this too is done both tastefully and tastelessly, making for an all too effective paradoxical message to be conveyed in a film I didn’t appreciate so very metaphorically on my first viewing. Perhaps I underwent some spiritual enlightenment in recent years. Yeah, right. Its blood moon, honey.

Doing some reading as of late, maybe I’ll be inclined to blog again soon. Obviously, my hardware isn’t as clapped out as when I began this post now; I had to buy a fucking display port cable for all of this website’s photogenic needs.

I dedicate this one to you. I apologize for spelling out your name in shards oh so long ago. Lol.