“Look, he finds it sensible to drink…”

Another Round essentially finds teachers intellectualizing the consumption of alcohol based on productivity and a more positive worldly outlook; whilst I try to avoid synopses, the context is necessary whilst discussing this movie; especially in the three-day retrospect I currently find myself in.

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, Written by Thomas Vinterberg & Tobias Lindholm

For me, the film spoke largely upon substances that went entirely unmentioned, with the growing alienation from what is considered a conventional society displayed throughout almost exacerbating just how harmful drugs of a greater severity are on a person’s mindset and external appearance when associating with the world around them.

Really, it’s a shame that I wasn’t in a fit state to remark upon this film more whilst viewing it. The movie touches upon generational gaps, the sense of worthlessness teachers bound to a curriculum feel and the growing hopelessness that juxtaposes becoming older and the solemn lack of options that can coincide/be felt as someone who essentially feels obsolete in a world that continues to move forward…

The film makes some astute observations regarding politicians/artists being propelled forward as a result of consuming alcohol and certainly differentiates abuse from pure alcoholism, too.

It was a depressingly touching film, with an outlook as optimistic as it was nihilistic. The value of friendship and dependence upon chemicals to have a good time are made clear; alongside just how quickly the world moves on if one is to commit suicide. One of the most affecting things I noticed about it is how the most optimistic member of the group was essentially the most depressed; and how taboo discussions of mental health seem to many of both the younger and older generations.

All had something in common…

Overall, this movie drove home the significance of every human being’s inner struggle or ambitions, be they minor characters or the protagonist. I tried watching a film of my native tongue soon after and began to find the acting sub-par in comparison to many of the features on my agenda as of late. So, I guess I’ll stick to watching movies with the subtitles on, to stay edgy, or something.

The main four characters are all teachers and this sort of disillusionment with their careers is something I even felt whilst observing them when I was a bit younger.

I might return to this, having three films I need to go back to when they’re not so fresh in my mind; but as always, if it was good enough for my writers blocked existence to make a dialogue about; then it’s a film I genuinely hope you watch, whoever you lot are…

It’s been longer than I anticipated to post again on here. A mixture of over-sleeping, or recovery sleep maybe. I never knew it was possible to have a dream so profound and lucid – they say it’s the cousin of death, but it sure as shit gave me some sort of ego death; although I’m still rather egotistical. These days/daze of recovery must amount to something, but I digress (self-indulgent jabbering).

Sometime soon I’m going to optimize this website further and put more time into making my unique mark in this generation of terrible blogs, but for now; my tank’s most often running on empty. We’ll get there.

They really do attempt to treat it as an academic study, measuring their blood alcohol levels throughout. I’m always one for symbolism, too.

I would have liked to have included more interesting frames, but they would be too illusory to the storyline and spoilers. Plus, it’s much more difficult to navigate the movie in hindsight. Keep up the momentum, everyone.