From the very beginning of Annette, I’m drawn to thinking of my first  ever blog post. I also notice I’ve got my arms folded, as if to defend  myself from whatever Leos Carax has for me next.

In terms of the sort of continuity amongst his work, I at first supposed this to be an  anomaly, but the aesthetic seems much alike Holy Motors. But I’m ten minutes in.

How the director goes about disseminating the  different types of performing arts and merges them with that of a  fictional reality is not much like anything I have seen, and for me, that’s  commendable albeit annoyingly difficult to articulate.

It also  says a lot about how public figures regard themselves as being constantly  in the public or technological eye… kind of says a lot about how  exposing one’s insecurities to the sadistic public scrutiny is seen as  entertainment, but that’s a rather rudimentary observation.

People don’t like to see others happy, and Annette just shows how the  limelight/peanut gallery can flip at you at any time, given enough  collective ushering. I’m beginning to get depressed, but the blog must  go on. It’s irony over irony out here. The contrived enactment of how  this occurs in such an ironic manner is hilarious.

Conventional  relationship issues that are so frequently dramatized in both  entertainment and the media are also presented in such a self-aware  theatrical nature.

The futility of human emotion in comparison  to that of action is something exhibited incredibly poignantly:  alongside the bewildering absurdity I’ve come to love about movies like  this one. That does not go to say this is simply a dark comedy by any  means, it balanced upon a thinly entwined tightrope.

Annette’s great, just  like the rest of his portfolio. I’m going to end this review halfway  through watching it. There’s little more I have to say, other than it  clowns societal norms and the functionality of the average human psyche  in a spectacular fashion, alongside a lot of other films. A  musical expose of reality, fueled by cynicism and jadedness.

Oh, yeah! This one’s in English!

Never cast your eyes down the abyss.